Chile's blueberry harvest wraps up in north -

Chile's blueberry harvest wraps up in north

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Chile's blueberry harvest wraps up in north

Blueberry season in the areas around La Serena and Valparaíso, Chile, is finishing, while the area around Santiago is expected to finish in the second week of January, according to the weekly report from the Chilean Blueberry Committee. Production losses due to rain and hail earlier in December range between 5% and 10%, depending on the location, resulting a fall of 2,131 metric tons in exports, which settled at  63,864 MT.

NORTH ZONE (La Serena/Valparaíso)

The blueberry harvest ended at the end of week 50. The harvest was extended because of the minor accumulation of degree days, and the total production projected for the area is 4,220 MT.

CENTRAL ZONE (Santiago/Rancagua)

The harvest is in its final phase. Near Santiago, it is expected to end next week, while near Rancagua, it is expected to end in the first week of January with the last harvest of the Duke variety.

CENTRAL-SOUTH ZONE (Talca/Concepcion)

In the early areas, the harvest of Duke will end in week 52, while the Legacy began in week 50 and at the end of this week, the Brigitta and Brightwell varieties will start. Sizes have been variable for all the varieties and harvest progress in general is about 60%.  In sites in the Andes foothills, Brigitta and Legacy are leading the harvest. In the area near Curicó the harvest of O’Neal, Jewel and Duke has ended.

In Linares and Parral, the harvest of the O’Neal variety is about 30% done; Duke between 40% and 50% done; Legacy 20% and 30%; and Brigitta at 5%. For the latest varieties, such as Brightwell and Tifblue, the harvest is expected to start in the second week of January. Due to the rains in week 49, a 5% loss is estimated, bringing the total expected exports to 14,936 MT.

SOUTH ZONE (Temuco/Valdivia/Puerto Montt)

The impact of rain and hail was strongest in this area, and a 10% loss in volume is estimated. With this reduction, this zone will produce 12,242 MT. The harvest of the Duke variety started in week 50. This week has registered good temperatures, permitting normal development.


Source: Chilean Blueberry Committee/edited by

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