Chile set to introduce new peach variety

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Chile set to introduce new peach variety

A.N.A. Chile and the University of Chile will unveil on Dec. 29 a new variety of peach developed in their Genetic Improvement Program, A.N.A. Chile announced in a news release.

The peach, called Andesduuno, is mainly for canning. It has a round shape without a point and a red top that doesn’t go through to the pulp.  Compared to other varieties such as Tirrenia and Romea, the Andesduuno stands out for its good size and sugar content. That makes it ideal for canning, but it can also be used for export or fresh consumption, the release said.

“This is an enormous step in order to advance in counting on more independence as far as the production and commercialization of new varieties,” said Samuel Escalante, president of A.N.A. Chile. “It has been a long journey of 12 years, and today, at last, we can show the fruit.”

A.N.A. Chile, which manages new varieties in the country, and the university began the Genetic Improvement Program in 1998 with two nectarine varieties and one peach variety. The peach is the first fruit to be introduced, the news release said.


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