South Africa's grape packing down 15.6% in week 1 -

South Africa's grape packing down 15.6% in week 1

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South Africa's grape packing down 15.6% in week 1

The South African Table Grape Industry (SATI) has estimated a 15.6% fall in grape packing for the first week of 2011, compared to the same period in 2010.

The industry body had originally expected a range between 51 million to 55 million cartons to be packed, but revised down estimates to a band between 45.9 million and 49.2 million in its weekly newsletter.

Shipping figures show South Africa’s grape exports were down in the U.K., the Middle East and Southeast Asia compared to the first week of 2010, but there was a slight uptick in exports to its largest market of Northern Europe.

SATI confirmed that the country’s second largest grape-growing area, the Orange River region, will not be affected by current flooding as the bulk of volumes have already been packed.

For South Africa’s largest grape-growing area, the Hex Valley region, packing volumes of ‘very good’ quality Thompson seedless grapes are expected to increase in the coming weeks.

The industry body said a range of high quality grapes were packed in week 1 from across South Africa, including Crimson Seedless, Sunred Seedless, Thompson Seedless, Alphonse Lavallée, Dan ben Hannah, Regal Seedless, Flame Seedless, Victoria, Sugrathirteen and Sugrasixteen.



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