Peru's ag exports grew 38.8% in January -

Peru's ag exports grew 38.8% in January

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Peru's ag exports grew 38.8% in January

Grapes and mangoes helped boost Peru's agricultural exports by 38.8% in January, with a Free on Board (FOB) value of US$295.2 million, reported

In a release, the country's Ministry of Agriculture (MINAG) said the growth was assisted by a higher volume of products chosen for export, with better international prices as well.

The ministry's Office of Economic and Statistical Studies released data showing fresh grapes represented 18.7% of agricultural exports, while other major contributors such as mango, coffee, asparagus, brown sugar, carmine, paprika and piquillo peppers made up 66%, the story reported.

MINAG said Peru's agricultural products were exported to 99 different countries, with the main destinations listed as the U.S. (28.8%), the Netherlands (12.5%), Spain (6.7%), Colombia (4.1%), Hong Kong (3.4%), Ecuador (3.2%) and Germany (3.1%).

The U.S. also increased its purchases of Peruvian agricultural products by 39.6% compared to January 2010, while Dutch purchases grew by 22.3% with fresh mangoes, fresh grapes, Cavendish Valery bananas, asparagus and passionfruit juice as the main import products.

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