Poland plans Honduras agricultural investment

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Poland plans Honduras agricultural investment

A Polish official will give a presentation today to promote bilateral trade with Honduras, which would likely involve an exchange of industrial goods for the Central American nation's agricultural products like melons, bananas and coffee, reported Laprensa.hn.

The talk is expected to take place in the Cortés Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIC) in Honduras, and will be given by the Polish Embassy in Mexico's Trade Consul Przemyslaw Nowakowski, the story reported.

Poland's Honorary Consul in Honduras Roberto Larios Silva, told Laprensa.hn existing trade between the two countries was still  relatively small, but there were opportunities for a wide range of products.

"They (Poland) are interested  in exporting wires and cables, food and drink manufacturing machinery, organic chemicals, sodium hydroxide, carbonates, peroxydicarbonates, plastics, tires, etc," he was quoted as saying.

"While in Honduras they (Poland) are interested in investing in products such as coffee, melons, bananas, textiles, live plants, cigars and other fruits."

Current trade between the two countries ranges between US$6 million and US$10 million annually, the story reported.

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Source: www.freshfruitportal.com

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