Chile: finding ways to lift the horticulture industry -

Chile: finding ways to lift the horticulture industry

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Chile: finding ways to lift the horticulture industry

The Chilean fruit industry's morale has taken a hit in recent times, with a high exchange rate, the effects of the earthquake, rising costs and strong international competition. To confront this situation, the Produce Marketing Association (PMA) has decided to look for ways to cope with crisis and transform problems into opportunities.

'Horticulture industry: facing the impossible' will be the theme of PMA's seminar Fresh Connections 2011, to be held on May 19 in Santiago's Espacio Riesco.

Survivors of the crash lasted 72 days in the Andes

The seminar will include an inspirational talk from Uruguayan rugby player Carlos 'Carlitos' Páez who survived the Los Andes plane crash in 1972, telling his account of facing the rigors of the mountains and a lack of food. PMA's aim is to help attendees find the unknown resources within, with Páez's motto that 'it's all in the attitude'.

Páez was one of 45 passengers in the plane crash, which killed 12 people immediately and left the rest to scavenge to survive in the cold for 72 days. He began giving motivational talks in 1998, offering ways to deal with adversity through teamwork, leadership, decision making, adapting to change and above all, achieving small tasks towards a greater goal.

Retail analyst Dick Spezzano from Spezzano Consulting will also give his insight into the current U.S. retail situation, while PMA's Vice President of International Development Nancy Tucker will present her talk 'Successful Cases of Sustainability in the Produce Industry'.

Carlos Páez

The event will also feature Decofrut president Manuel José Alcaíno, who will discuss the fruit industry situation in Chile, analyzing the trends and variables from the Latin American perspective, how they affect supplying countries, and what might be in store in the future.

For more information click here or contact PMA by calling (56-2) 717 1114 or (56-2) 717 06 70, or sending an email to PMA Chile members will have two free tickets while a PMA member from anywhere else in the world is entitled to one free ticket.

Source: PMA Chile

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