Bananas ripe for paper production -

Bananas ripe for paper production

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Bananas ripe for paper production

Venezuela's Zuliano Technology Research Institute (INZIT) has embarked on a project to make paper out of bananas, given the fruit's high content of cellulose which could be ideal for making paper pulp, reported

INZIT representative Marinela Colina told the website the institute had made a proposal to generate the pulp for paper-making companies, in the form of organic banana paper that could replace the felling of pine trees.

"A pine tree takes 11 years to grow while this variety of Musaceae grows in a year and doesn't need to be replanted, because its children are born around it, and that will decrease the use of pine, and will be used towards environmental preservation ends," she was quoted as saying.

She said the pulp is taken from the pseudostem of the banana which is usually discarded by banana producers, while low proportions of lignin mean fewer toxic pollutants will be released in the pulping process, the story reported.

Colina told Diario el Tiempo machinery from some countries like China have already accepted banana pulp for the creation of newsprint, bond paper and cardboard.

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