Australian grape industry warns against Chilean 'imposters'

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Australian grape industry warns against Chilean 'imposters'

Australian Table Grape Association CEO Jeff Scott has warned local consumers about the high chemical content of Chilean grapes expected for arrival in the coming week.

The association has labelled the move as a 'kick in the guts' for Australian farmers who are still recovering from the effects of drought and flooding, combined with an existing abundance of high quality and inexpensive fruit in domestic supermarkets.

He said consumers should show 'Chilean imposters the door' when the first shipment arrives in the coming week, as Australia already produces the best grapes in the world.

"Consumers need to know the quality of the Chilean produce just doesn’t stack up because it has to be fumigated with methyl bromide to kill any insects as well as being treated with sulphur dioxide and carbon dioxide," he said.

"Methyl bromide discolours table grape stems and causes blemishes on the berries, significantly reducing the fruit’s shelf life.

"There’re no buts about it – Australian grapes crush their Chilean counterparts on quality, taste and value. Consumers need to check the country of origin label before deciding to Munch-A Bunch-A grapes, and for the sake of their taste buds, the environment and the local industry, reject the Chilean invaders."

Australia produces around 125,000 metric tons (MT) of table grapes each year.

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Photo: Australian Table Grape Association


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