Prevar licenses new pear to NZ company -

Prevar licenses new pear to NZ company

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Prevar licenses new pear to NZ company

New Zealand exporter Enza has taken on non-exclusive marketing rights to a new pear cultivar called PremP33, which was developed by Plant & Food Research.

Enza global variety development manager Brian D’Ath said the new cultivar, to be marketed under the name 'Velvetine', would have very wide consumer appeal due to its smooth texture and delicious flavor profile.

"We are excited about the niche market opportunities that are available and the positive consumer feedback we’ve received to date," he said.

"It has a natural russet over a green background and a classic European pear shape, which for some consumers may appear a little unattractive, but all the market evaluation evidence we have confirms that the pear texture, flavour and ripe pear shelf-life are outstanding and highly-valued attributes."

The cultivar license was issued to Enza by Prevar Limited.


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