New varieties bolster Ecuador's peach production -

New varieties bolster Ecuador's peach production

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New varieties bolster Ecuador's peach production

Ecuador's Sierra Centro region could boost peach production by between 60% and 70%, following studies by Ecuador's Institute of Agricultural Research (INIAP) in conjunction with farmers in Tungurahua, website reported.

Sierra Centro fruit programme chief Aníbal Martínez, told the website various new technologies and practices had been added to peach plantations, such as perfoliate tools, bud disinfection, pest and disease controls and pruning, which had all led to reduced costs.

INIAP developed the new variety 'Conservero Amarillo', or Yellow Preserver, which yields around 40kg (88lb) per plant or the equivalent of two boxes, the story reported.

The institute also developed a new variety specifically for the Tungurahua province called 'Diamante', or Diamond, which yields more fruit than the 'Conservo Amarillo' per tree.

Tungurahua accounts for 80% of national peach production with 500 hectares of farms, the story reported.

Photo: Flickr, La Grande Farmers' Market


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