Chile releases competition white paper

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Chile releases competition white paper

Chile's Association of Exporters (ASOEX) has released a white paper on how the country can adapt to the challenges of exchange rates and competition, with the goal of shifting away from an overdependence on copper.

ASOEX president Ronald Bown presented the document, titled 'An invitation to think Chile: Competitiveness and Harmonic Growth for the country', at a forum of 50 organizations from industries including agriculture, tourism and transport.

ASOEX president Ronald Bown

"International economic shocks, together with public policies applied in recent years with regards to public expenditure and the use of the exchange rate as an anti-inflationary tool, have caused a serious imbalance in the national economic structure, which showed clear discrimination between regions and economic agents," Bown told the forum.

Bown said the Chilean economy could not rely on copper, highlighting a 'growing gap' between the mining sector and other industries in terms of investment and development.

He said the goal of the document, which was to be sent to the government, was to demand clear and precise policies to lessen the negative effects of international markets and encourage development.


- The creation of a Competitive Stabilization Fund of around 30 billion Chilean pesos (US$64 million), funded by a Contingent Debt Act designed to increase savings abroad by more than 40%.

- A permanent competitiveness agenda.

- A National Restructuring Programme for species or varieties, similar to what exists in the forestry sector.

- A plan to strengthen the competitiveness of small and mediun-scale agriculture.

- The creation of a Fiscal Assistance for Employment Program.

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