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OTC-Holland expects tougher lemon market in 2011

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OTC-Holland expects tougher lemon market in 2011

Organic Trade Company (OTC)-Holland says the organic lemon market in Europe will be more difficult this year, despite the continued arrival of 'high quality' produce from South Africa.

"A deviant weather pattern in South Africa has led to an early colouring of the fruit. Despite the rainy weather during harvesting, we have received good quality lemons from our supplier Orex," said managing director Edward Out.

"At this moment, there still is quite a large amount of European fruit available at low prices. Therefore, we are really keen on delivering the best possible quality.

"The price for organic lemons has collapsed during the European season. It probably will take some time before prices are restored to normal levels."

OTC-Holland expects to import 150,000 lemon cartons this season, with shipments expected from Chile later in the season. The company is now in its sixth season importing South African lemons, which are mostly delivered to European and Canadian retailers.

"We closely cooperate with our suppliers on quality, planning and reliability in marketing the produce. All our growers possess the required and necessary certificates," Out said.

"For our customers, organic integrity is becoming a more significant subject for consideration. Our residue testing programme and our frequent visits to our suppliers contributes to that integrity."


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