Peru's agricultural minister resigns -

Peru's agricultural minister resigns

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Peru's agricultural minister resigns

Peru's Agriculture Minister Rafael Quevedo has resigned following accusations he allegedly ran an illegal poultry business, website reported.

Local press reported Quevedo was the owner of El Rocío,which did not meet the appropriate phytosanitary requirements and was operating without a license, the story reported.

Rafael Quevedo

Quevedo gave his resignation letter to president Alan Garcia, saying he wanted to 'clarify and remove all doubt, and not compromise the Government', the story reported.

The ex-minister had been criticized by local agricultural organizations and unions for his approval of transgenic seed imports, which are seen as a threat to Peru's biodiversity, the story reported.

Garcia has appointed Jorge Villasante as Quevedo's replacement.

Conveagro president Lucila Quintana told website Quevedo took too long to hand in his letter of resignation, while the first warning signs of his 'fall from maturity' came when he decided to allow genetically-modified food into the country.

Photo: Revista Kuska

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