Peru ranks as second-largest avocado exporter in 2024

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Peru ranks as second-largest avocado exporter in 2024

Despite struggling with adverse weather throughout 2023, the Peruvian avocado sector scored a 79% rise in exports in the first two months of 2024. 

A total of 36,360 tons were shipped to destination markets for a total revenue of USD $75.4 million, according to Sierra y Selva Exportadora, an affiliate of Peru’s Ministry of Agricultural Development and Irrigation (MIDAGRI). The value represents a 73% uptick year-on-year

Peruvian avocado shipments reached 13 markets, including the Netherlands, a European logistics hub, with a 37% volume share, China with 20%, Spain with 15%, Chile with 9%, and Hong Kong with 8%.

Peruvian avocados have emerged as a significant player in the global market, capitalizing on their unique seasonality, which spans from May to August. 

This period complements the Mexican export season, which usually extends from August to May.

Asian markets saw an increase in shipments. China received 7,341 tons of Peruvian avocado, showing 112% growth in the last five years.

The Chilean market also shows great promise for Peruvian growers, with a 3% rise in volume and a 9% price increase.

During the 2023 campaign, Peruvian avocado exports reached 599,208 tons, valued at US$963 million, MIDAGRI reported. 

This performance reflected a 9% value uptick and a 3% volume increase year-on-year.

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