Peru election leader promises open economy

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Peru election leader promises open economy

Peru's National Electoral Processes Office (ONPE) figures suggest left-leaning candidate Ollanta Humala has narrowed out Keiko Fujimori for the presidency with 51.18% of the vote, website reported. 

With 90% of votes counted, Humala has proclaimed victory but Fujimori is yet to concede the loss, website reported

Humala told thousands of supporters in Lima's Plaza 2 Mayo his government would not act on behalf of or exclude any sector, urging all people to feel represented, the story reported.

"We will promote more investments, we will lead a market economy that is the consolidation, the strength, of the domestic market," he was quoted as saying.

He said his goals was to improve the lives of Peruvian families, with plans to transform the industrial, agriculture and tourism sectors.

"We should have workers of the 21st century and not of the 17th century. Peru has to advance, but to do so every family has to advance," he was quoted as saying.

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Photo: Andina, Juan Carlos Guzmán

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