Texas grocery wins guinness record

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Texas grocery wins guinness record

El Rio Gande Latin Market in Dallas, Texas just beat the world record for the largest fruit display with a mountain of hass avocados.

The texas grocery store beat the record with 260,292 avocados at 86,764 pounds, and after being awarded the price it put all the fruit on sale for shoppers who enjoyed a bargain price of 5 avocados for the price of $1.

The retail price range for one avocado is between $1.97 and $3.94 per kilogram or between $0.89 and $1.79 per pound. In 2024, the approximate wholesale price range for US avocados is between $1.38 and $2.76 per kilogram or between $ 0.63 and $1.25 per pound.

The display just dethroned a 2022 record held by 77,000 pounds of Del Monte Fresh bananas in Westmont, Illinois. 

The winners were met with some pushback from local organizations due to the large amount of food deserts in the state. Out of 258 counties, 58 of those are considered food deserts according to the USDA's criteria which include lack of availability of fresh produce and limited or no presence of large grocery stores (stores with four or more employees).

The market said the event was more than just having the biggest display, it was about promoting access to nutritious food for underserved communities. South, and some parts of the Northeast of Dallas have large food desert areas where groceries are a miles away, making it hard for locals to access fresh produce. 

Avocados dominate the produce market in Texas. According to the USDA, both Pharr and Laredo represent the top two ports of entry for Mexican avocados, which is the main exporters of all avocados sold to the United States.

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