Argentine company looks for new partners with filled bananas -

Argentine company looks for new partners with filled bananas

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Argentine company looks for new partners with filled bananas

An Argentine company is on the hunt for new business partners to distribute its bananas with filling, after a deal with multinational Dole fizzled out.

DestapaBanana founder Sebastian Berger says the bananas can be filled with thousands of different flavors but still be in their original peels.

"The DestapaBanana should be in a significant proportion of households in the world since we demonstrated how to use it and did tastings of the final product in 2008," he says

"At Dole's request in 2008 we agreed to give them exclusivity of DestapaBanana, to create the concept Peelpineapple, and to make investments of all types that dragged us to our detriment at present, and with controversial actions.

"The sales volumes that can be achieved are directly related to the sales volumes that bananas have and the goals you want to reach in your regions."

Berger says the re-invention of the fruit would benefit both customers and all banana businesses who want to better promote the fruit through their sales channels.

"We noticed that children, adolescents and adults, of different gender and social classes, accepted the re-invention of the fruit for dessert," he says.

"We have noticed that the inclination towards liquid fillings is associated with the consumption of a treat and this increases product acceptance."

A Dole spokesperson told the company did not wish to comment on the arrangement with Berger.

"We do not agree with Mr. Berger's characterizations, but we do wish him well in his future endeavors."

Photo: DestapaBanana

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