Ecuador's banana growers in tough spot with Sigatoka

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Ecuador's banana growers in tough spot with Sigatoka

Black Sigatoka has raised alarm in Ecuador with 95% of the country's banana crops affected by the disease, newspaper El Diario reported.

National Federation of Ecuadorian Banana Producers (FENAPROPE) president Luciano Marquíne, said the industry had felt the effects strongly since April when the cold season began, the story reported.

He said the country's largest producer El Carmen has experienced lower yields due to fungal outbreak, otherwise known leaf spot disease, the story reported.

Marquíne said while the Ministry of Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fisheries (MAGAP) was taking action with fumigation, the soil topography situation was difficult and the presence of the disease had cut average purchase volumes in half.

He said growers could cut back the effects of the problem by 70% through defoliation practices, but the high cost put profitability under pressure.


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