Avocadoes planted over Mexican marijuana plantations

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Avocadoes planted over Mexican marijuana plantations

A fruit production scheme in the Mexican state of Chihuahua has encouraged farmers to switch from marijuana to avocado crops, website Oem.com.mx reported.

The Temporary Employment Program has been taken up by at least 400 farmers in the state's suptropical area of Sierra Tarahumara in the Morelos municipality, the story reported.

Farmers have been digging holes to plant avocadoes over 400 hectares of land that used to be dedicated to illegal marijuana farming, which Mayor Sergio Cruz said was 'unaffordable', the story reported.

"It is already unaffordable for farmers who have no other work alternative. The same people who come every day to the office, some even crying because of their plight, declare that this illegal and risky activity is no longer profitable due to low prices, high production costs and no market," Cruz was quoted as saying.

"Prospective buyers want to pay MXN100 (US$8.48) a ton. Many kept the harvests of years past when almost all people were dedicated to the plantation of marijuana/cannibis."


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