Chilean Hass avocado production to rise 25% -

Chilean Hass avocado production to rise 25%

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Chilean Hass avocado production to rise 25%

The Chilean Hass Avocado Committee has announced the country's Hass avocado production will likely rise 25% to 200,000 metric tons (MT), despite minor setbacks from frosts over the last four weeks.

In a release the committee said Chile's avocado-growing regions had faced some sub-zero events during the winter season.

"In general the frosts affected orchards in the Metropolitan (Santiago) and VI (O'Higgins) regions in the biggest way. In the V (Valparaiso) region damage was seen in flat areas, with some of those weakened by drought," the release said.

"In the IV (Coquimbo) region, temperatures in general were benign, with effects only seen in low areas, which aren't significant in production volume.

"Our estimate is that the damage to production at a general level in the industry for the 2011/12 season will be in the range of between 5% and 10%," the release said.

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