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U.S. makes Peruvian avocado entry without cold treatment official

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U.S. makes Peruvian avocado entry without cold treatment official

Peru’s National Agriculture Sanitary Service (SENASA) has received official entry approval from U.S. authorities for Hass avocadoes with cold treatment.

In a release, SENASA head Oscar Domínguez said it had worked with the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) for two years to prove the fruit was not a host of the fruit fly, with the U.S. authority now confirming entry without the need for cold or fumigation quarantine.

"With the publication of the law change for phytosanitary regulations for the export of Peruvian avocadoes to the United States, this fruit will enter the said country in the best conditions of quality and with opportunities because they will not be treated against the fruit fly," Dominguez said.

The release highlighted the decision could pave the way for quarantine improvements in other countries.

"This is a great support for the world of science and in fact marks the basis to continue negotiating for phytosanitary access for this product to other important international markets, and improve entry conditions in countries where it's currently exported that have  regulations for the implementation of quarantine treatment," the release said.

SENASA confirmed it would certify Peru's avocadoes for the remainder of the season in July, August and September, in order to meet the phytosanitary requirements of the U.S.

Inform@cción president Fernando Cillóniz said the decision was without doubt a 'momentous step' for the industry, website Agraria.pe reported.

"The opening of the American market will be critical for the value it imports, due to the influence of Mexican migration, who eat almost everything with avocado," Cillóniz was quoted as saying.

He said not only would the decision help exports rise 25% in the next season, but national supply could triple in the next five years as a result, the story reported.

The U.S. Government allowed Peruvian avocadoes entry in 2009, but the fact it was on the condition of cold treatment has kept volumes low.

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