Aussie organization offers rain technology in Africa -

Aussie organization offers rain technology in Africa

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Aussie organization offers rain technology in Africa

An Australian organization is offering artificial rain technology to drought-stricken African countries, which could help improve agriculture and relieve hunger, website reported.

Aquiess Global Rain director of operations and planning David Miles, told the website weather modification technology could bring rain to northern Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia within the next three months.

"Aquiess Global Rain Project is offering its rainfall technology to break the drought by bringing gentle soaking rain to the region within the next 90 days," Miles was quoted as saying.

"We can not just sit and pretend that all is well, we have decided to come and see how we can help in alleviating the situation in this region."

Miles said the technology intelligently applied 'small amounts of electromagnetic energy', which through atmospheric resonance technology could change the path of rain clouds, the story reported.

Aquiess Global director for international policy and communications Mahendra Shah, said similar successful rain projects had been carried out in Australia, Qatar and the U.S., the story reported.

"We used our rain making technology in Australia in 2005 to draw rains into Murray Darling Basin, Eastern Australia, which ended their drought within five months," Shah was quoted as saying.

"Aquiess is doing this project on humanitarian grounds and the project will cost US$10 million (Sh900 million), which we would request the donor community to fund for the sake of ending the drought."

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