Chile looks for Bangladesh fruit opportunities

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Chile looks for Bangladesh fruit opportunities

Chilean authorities are looking to expand the country's fruit export options to Bangladesh, according to a release by the Office of Agriculture Studies and Policy (ODEPA).

Chile's Agricultural Attaché to India Rodrigo Gallardo and Ambassador to India Cristian Barros Melet, recently visited the Asian country with the aim of opening up market access for more forestry and agricultural products, including cherries and kiwifruit.

While Chile's apples have been authorized for entry, new product negotiation would have to wait until the Plant Quarantine Act 2009 comes into effect, which is expected to be approved by parliament at the start of 2012.

ODEPA estimates Bangladesh's population at around 167 million, but Chile only exported US$1.34 million worth of agricultural and forestry goods to the country last year, including apples, pulp, cauliflower seeds and wine.

"This market represents a great opportunity for the Chilean export sector, especially in products such as pine poles for public lighting, construction, support structures in general, red apples, chemicals, wine, as well as beef, pork and chicken," ODEPA said in the release.

Photo: Flickr, Mick62

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