Peru's organic food exports rise 50% -

Peru's organic food exports rise 50%

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Peru's organic food exports rise 50%

The Peruvian Export and Tourism Promotion Commission (Promperu) has announced the country's organic food exports rose 50% year-on-year during the first five months of 2011, website reported.

Promperu said the country exported US$64,531,686 worth of organic food during the period, with the highest volumes registered for bananas, coffee, cocoa, mangoes and quinoa.

Bananas represented more than 44% of shipments for the period with a value of US$28.87 million, while almost a third of exports were for organic coffee with US$21 million. Cocoa exports were valued at US$9.6 million.

Organic mango exports grew 44% to US$2.67 million during the period.

Photo: Ilusita

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