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APHIS gives nod to Chilean gooseberries

An Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) risk analysis has deemed that Chilean Cape gooseberry fruit with husks are fit for U.S. market entry.

A brief on the analysis was published on the U.S. Government’s Federal Register, calling on the public to send submissions in response.

"Based on this analysis, we concluded that the application of one or more designated phytosanitary measures will be sufficient to mitigate the risks of introducing or  disseminating plant pests or noxious weeds via the importation of fresh  Cape gooseberry fruit from Chile," the brief said.

The brief said each consignment of gooseberry fruit would need to have been inspected by Chile's National Plant Protection Organization (NPPO), with a certificate stating "The Cape gooseberry in the consignment has been inspected and is free of pests".

"After reviewing any comments we receive, we will announce our decision regarding the import status of fresh Cape gooseberry fruit with husks from Chile in a subsequent notice.

"If the overall conclusions of the analysis and the Administrator's determination of risk remain unchanged following our consideration of the comments, then we will authorize the importation of fresh Cape gooseberry fruit with husks from Chile into the continental United States subject to the requirements specified in the risk management document."

Paper copies of the risk analysis can be requested at Regulations.gov.

Photo: Alineaphile