Peru's fruit pulp exports have tripled in H1

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Peru's fruit pulp exports have tripled in H1

Peru's fruit pulp exports have more than tripled year-on-year to US$6.8 million in the first half of 2011, website reported.

Customs figures revealed by consulting company Agrodata found Mexico was the largest buyer of Peruvian fruit pulp, with  purchases doubling to US$3.4 million, the story reported. Exports to the U.S. fell 18% to US$1.8 million, while exports to Spain fell by 17.2%.

The story reported avocadoes made up 98% of the total exports, amounting to around US$6.66 million, while custard apple exports grew to US$116,000.

Peter Larrson, who heads up Camposur's processed fruit company Agrojugos, told the website the future was promising for fruit exports but the performance of the second half would not be as strong as the first.

"What is certain is that the fall will not be very significant," he was quoted as saying.

"Peru has (healthy food) for all, our markets continue growing and diversifying, although for the moment our priority is to supply the United States and Spain, and I'm sure it will be China soon, but for this we must consolidate and grow in a businesslike way, to be able to have greater choice in negotiations.

"Currently we have IQF (Individually Quick Frozen), frozen and fresh pulp, but for the end of the year but for the end of the year we will have implemented an aseptic line, which  is widely used in the production of juices, yoghurt and ice cream, and will definitely enter into force in 2012."

Photo: Agrojugos

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