Grape compound can reduce UV damage -

Grape compound can reduce UV damage

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Grape compound can reduce UV damage

Spanish researchers have found the flavonoids in grapes can be used to reduce the effects of ultraviolet (UV) radiation and prevent th premature aging of skin, news outlet BBC Mundo reported.

The study conducted by the University of Barcelona and the Scientific Research High Council of Spain (CSIC), found the compound could be extracted from grapes and used to help prevent the major cause of skin cancer, the story reported.

"We are working with the grape skins and seeds that are pressed to make the must of wine," study leader Marta Cascante was quoted as saying.

"With this we obtain an extract that contains a lot of antioxidants, which are flavonoid substances mainly derived from gallic acid."

She told BBC Mundo that UV rays caused oxidative stress in skin cells, leading to what is called 'reactive oxygen species´(ROS), which include free radicals and peroxides that can cause cell damage or death.

"What we saw in the lab is that the grape extract prevented the production of ROS," Cascante was quoted as saying.

She said the results were encouraging and should be considered in clinical pharmacology, the story reported.

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