Peru: exchange rates push up costs by 26.3%

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Peru: exchange rates push up costs by 26.3%

Peru's Association of Exporters (ADEX) says exchange rate falls have led to a 26.3% rise in costs over the last three years.

ADEX president Juan Varilias Velásquez announced the figure during a meeting with Congress of the Republic Agricultural Commission president José León Rivera.

Varilias Velásquez said the country could tackle the problem by focusing on value-added products, which if done correctly and with favorable conditions could create jobs for two million people and provide indirect employment for four million.

"What happened with our agricultural supply is a model, and we now export more non-traditional agri products than traditional agri products," he said.

"One goal that we have outlined is that out of Peru's total exports, 40% will be non-traditional products - an index which is currently 25%, however to reach these goals it is important to generate monetary and fiscal policies that support that activity, in addition to continuing with the modernization of infrastructure."

Photo: Siete Medios

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