Australia withdraws from Indonesian pineapple row

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Australia withdraws from Indonesian pineapple row

The Australian Customs Service (ACS) has halted an anti-dumping investigation against Indonesian canned pineapples, website reported.

The story reported the investigation was withdrawn due to a lack of evidence in the case, which began on Apr. 15 at the request of company Golden Circle.

"Besides Indonesia, Thailand as one of the world's biggest pineapple producers has also been accused of dumping canned pineapple into Australia," Indonesian Trade Ministry representative Ernawati was quoted as saying.

Ernawati also alleged the Australian pineapple industry's method of setting a normal value of losses did not abide by World Trade Organization (WTO) guidelines.

The story reported 13.34% of Australia's pineapple imports came from Indonesia in 2010, with the country in third place behind Thailand and the Philippines.

Indonesia's other main pineapple markets are the Netherlands and Argentina.

Last month Australia's largest fresh pineapple producer told the industry was concerned about the effect of potential Malaysian pineapple imports.

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