Peru cherimoya productivity up 55%

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Peru cherimoya productivity up 55%

Peru's Ministry of Agriculture (MINAG) says the country's cherimoya productivity has risen 55% since 2007 to 14 metric tons (MT) per hectare.

MINAG National Institute of Agricultural Innovation (INIA) fruit specialist William Daga, says continued technology transfer will likely lead to a productivity increase to 18MT per hectare in 2012.

He says INIA has worked in conjunction with the municipality of San Mateo de Otao in the Huarochiri province to develop use of technology, provide technical and capacity assistance to fruit growers and livestock farmers, which has boosted not only cherimoya productivity but quality too.

He says the developments taking place will help growers overcome the phytosanitary barriers they face in potentially exporting to the main markets of the U.S. and Europe.

Daga says 80% of the farming population of San Mateo de Otao are dedicated to cherimoya cultivation, 10% grow avocadoes while the remainder are involved with livestock. He emphasizes that the initiatve helps around 1,200 people in the towns of Cumbe, Tapicara, Lanca, Salpín, Canchacaya and Ucro.

The fruit is also known as a custard apple, while in Spanish 'chirimoya' can also refer to sugar-apples or sweetsops.

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