Dutch govt offers social scheme for Colombian banana growers

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Dutch govt offers social scheme for Colombian banana growers

The Colombian Association of Banana Growers (Augura) has welcomed a Dutch Government scheme to promote sustainable production for small growers. 

Augura president Roberto Hoyos says the 'Sustainability Agreement' signed in Utrecht will strengthen ties between the two countries, with a direct value of around 3.4 million euros (US$4.65 million).

"The agreement seeks to establish a plan for the market and civil society organizations to invest in the supply chains of providers who are sustainable socially, environmentally and economically," he says

"This program has been designed as a framework of alliances and combines the experience of the union through banana-growing social foundations with international cooperation, in the execution of projects with a high social and economic impact in the banana regions of Colombia, assuring sustainability for small producers in the competitive European market."

Hoyos hails the Dutch initiative as a vote of confidence in the Colombian banana union, which for years has been looking for public-private partnerships to improve worker conditions in the regions of Urabá, Magdalena and Chocó.

An Augura release said the scheme will help improve the lives of 685 families.

Photo: Augura


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