Ecuador's mango production to fall in 2011-12 -

Ecuador's mango production to fall in 2011-12

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Ecuador's mango production to fall in 2011-12

Ecuador's peak mango body expects a 5% fall in production this year due to the effects of fungal disease and a reduction in cultivated area, website reported.

Fundamango directory president Bernardo Malo told the website the expected 5% fall follows a 10% drop during the previous season to 9 million 4kg (8.8lbs) cartons.

"Every year there are fewer productive hectares and part of that is due to the complexity that results from the task and commercialization," Malo was quoted as saying.

The total land dedicated to mango farming, mostly in the Guayas province, has fallen from 10,000 hectares to 6,000 hectares over the last five years, with around 83% of remaining farms dedicated to export.

Ecuador's mango farmers are planning for the intense harvest period on the coast in two weeks, but some like small grower Julian Andrade are changing crops due to the lack of profitability, the story reported.

"This is not a business. Now I keep only a few plants for domestic consumption but not for export," Andrade was quoted as saying.

The country is currently shipping around 140 containers of the fruit per week with its main market as the United States (76%), Canada, Colombia and Russia.

The story reported the Tommy Atkins variety makes up around 65% of the nation's crop, with the rest of the mangoes spread between Kent, Keitt and Haden. Fundamango reports the country has 15 exporting and packing houses, which ship product that competes mainly with Brazil and Peru.

Brazil's mango exports are also set to fall this year with a reduction of 7.7% due to currency issues.

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