Peruvian watermelon exports rise 47.5%

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Peruvian watermelon exports rise 47.5%

Peruvian watermelon export values rose 47.5% year-on-year to US$1.4 million between January and August 2011, website reported.

The country's watermelon volumes grew further still at a rate of 64.1% to 3,961MT.

Exports to Spain rose 298.4%, purchases from the Netherlands increased 45.6% and U.K. shipments rose 13.4%, while Chile bought 54.7% more watermelons from its northern neighbor. However, another neighbor Ecuador registered a 62.3% drop in Peruvian watermelon intakes.

The story reported the growth is expected to continue with Free Trade Agreements in place with the European Union and other countries.

The Netherlands was by far the main export destination with 74.3% of volumes, followed by the U.K. (13.1%), Spain (5.2%), Chile (4%) and Ecuador (3.4%).

Company Rancho Bravo was the biggest watermelon-exporting business with 93.9% of market participation.

Photo: Flickr, Harsha K R

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