Chile starts kiwifruit inspections for Psa-V disease

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Chile starts kiwifruit inspections for Psa-V disease

Chile has begun surveying its kiwifruit orchards in the VII (Maule) region for the presence of the virulent Psa-V disease, the country's Agricultural and Livestock Service (SAG) announced.

SAG inspectors, together with the Chilean Kiwifruit Committee, will be verifying the phytosanitary status of orchards and taking samples where necessary over the next eight weeks.

SAG regional director Eric Paredes called on producers  to co-operate.

"The result of this activity will establish the health status of kiwi plantations in the Maule region and thus support exports to different markets," he said.

He described the survey as crucial for the region, which has 6,000 hectares of plantations, making it the largest producer in the country.

SAG is aiming for timely detection of the disease so that control measures can be adopted preventing infestation of new orchards.

Photo: SAG

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