Chilean frozen produce exports up 29%

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Chilean frozen produce exports up 29%

Chile's frozen fruit and vegetable exports increased year-on-year by 29% to US$1.1 billion between January and September, according to the Office of Agricultural Studies and Policies (ODEPA).

Frozen raspberries were the largest export with sales of US$115 million, although figures were 0.5% lower than the previous year.

Star performers included raisins with a year-on-year rise of 14% with sales of  US$ 110 million, apple juice saw a 230% rise at US$88 million and frozen blueberries a 387% increase at US$83 million.

Dried plum sales fell by 12% at a total of US$77 million.

ODEPA director Gustavo Rojas, said the growth was a reflection of the progress the agricultural sector had made.

"They've added value to primary production and added more products to the country's food supply."

He said produce had shown a rise in average export prices.

"It appears that most are higher than last year, which together with the result of sales reflects the good condition of current demand in the markets.

"Highlights include the rising prices of apple juice (80%), frozen blueberries (49%) and frozen blackberries (66%). "

The E.U. accounted for 24% of the market with sales of  US$262 million, followed by the U.S. at 22% worth US$243 million.

Other important markets were Mexico at 8%, Canada and Japan and Venezuela at 5%, Russia at 4% with Brazil, Colombia and Peru at 3%.

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