Chilean blueberry exports still sluggish in week 44 -

Chilean blueberry exports still sluggish in week 44

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Chilean blueberry exports still sluggish in week 44

Chile's total blueberry exports so far are still 66% lower than the previous season according to figures released this week by the Chilean Blueberry Committee.

Total exports in week 44 (Oct. 30) were 221 metric tons (MT), or 64% less than predicted.

The Chilean Blueberry Committee attributes the low volumes so far to colder than normal temperatures in the IV (Coquimbo) region.

It said that from the V (Valparaiso) region and further south the situation looks more optimistic with rising temperatures contributing to growing harvest levels.

However, yields so far in VII (Maule) region continued to be significantly lower than expected with the season cut short in Longaví.

But the committee said it was hoping major volumes would start to be harvested in Maule region in the last week of November, just one week behind the previous season.

While in VIII (Biobio) region harvesting of O’Neil and  Duke was expected within the next three weeks.

The possibility of frost this weekend following earlier rains in X (Los Lagos) and XIV (Los Ríos) regions could affect Brigitta which is forming fruit and Elliot which is currently flowering.

There were also fears frozen blueberry exports would suffer due to the E.U. economy and increased competition from countries like Serbia which has proved successful in growing and exporting frozen rasperries.

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Chilean blueberry exports slow due to late season start

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