PMA Chile Country Council appoints new chairman and vice-chairman

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PMA Chile Country Council appoints new chairman and vice-chairman

Miguel Allamand takes over from Víctor Moller as chairman of the Produce Marketing Association’s (PMA) Chilean Country Council while Isaac Bon has been appointed vice-chairman.

The Council was the first one to be set up in South America and since forming in May 2010 has united producers, exporters, supermarket chains, shipping agencies, suppliers and lenders.

Members met in Santiago last week to discuss and analyze strategies for short and medium-term development.

Subsole president Allamand said it was essential to deliver value and support the industry.

"We will work together to help the industry harness the enormous potential and tools of the PMA to help them manage and overcome the challenges and opportunities in our industry, drawing on the different experiences of our businesses and areas of work," he said.

Compañía Frutera del Norte president Bon, emphasized that PMA in Chile enables members to participate in all the activities of its U.S. counterpart such as training, leadership and technological advances.

"It is also a source of information for understanding the requirements and demands of target markets and strengthen the promotion and consumption of perishable and processed food," he said.

PMA global business developement vice-president Nancy Tucker, said she was impressed by the energy and commitment of the Chile council members.

"They have created programmes of value for the council members in Chile and also on a global level."

Council members heard about healthy snack iniatives in 15 schools in the  Buin, Metropolitan region of Chile where pupils are being encouraged to eat fruit to reduce their fat and sugar intake

The council hopes to extend the iniative, led by Decofrut president Manuel José Alcaíno, to other schools next year.

New members to join include Tesco hub technical manager in Chile Brice Lamarque, and general manager of producers and exporters Last Land Farms Jorge Echenique.

Chilean Country Council members are:

Presidente: Miguel Allamand, Subsole

-       Vicepresidente: Isaac Bon, Compañía Frutera del Norte

-       Víctor Moller, Hortifrut

-       Brice Lamarque, Tesco Chile

-       Rodrigo Durán, David Del Curto

-       Jorge Echenique, Last Land Farms

-       Arturo Costabal, Southern Fruit

-       Manuel José Alcaíno, Decofrut

-       José Joaquín Matte, Envases Impresos

-       Francisco Antúnez, Supermercados Cencosud

-       Emilio Fernández, Casablanca Organics S.A.

-       Francisco Labarca, Pacific Seaways

-       Gustavo Yentzen, Yentzen Consulting

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