Indonesia: Port of Jakarta set to close for fruit imports in March

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Indonesia: Port of Jakarta set to close for fruit imports in March

Indonesian quarantine amendments will mean that fruit and vegetable imports will no longer be able to enter the Port of Jakara after certain dates in March.

Three Indonesian Government gazettes obtained by show imports of "Fresh Food Originating from Plant", "Fresh Fruits And/Or Fruity Vegetables" and "Fresh Layered Tuber Vegetables" will be restricted to four entry points, which do not include the country's major sea port in Jakarta.

The allowed entry points will be the Tanjung Sea Port in Surabaya, the Belawan Sea Port in Medan, the Soekarno-Hatta Airport in Jakarta and the Makassar Sea Port.

The Ministerial Regulations were promulgated between Dec.14-19 under the premise they would come into force three months after that date. As a result, fresh layered tuber vegetables will not be allowed in Jakarta Port as of Dec. 14, while fresh fruits and fruity vegetables will have until Dec. 19.

"In order to reduce the risk of entry and spread of pest organisms of the quarantined plants, it is necessary to redefine the entry points for fresh fruits and / or fruity vegetables into the territory of the Republic of Indonesia," said Gazette 89 for 2011 signed by Agriculture Minister Suswono.

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