Chile predicts higher Hayward kiwifruit production this season

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Chile predicts higher Hayward kiwifruit production this season

Chile is forecasting 10% higher Hayward kiwifruit volumes this season due to favorable spring weather, better pollination and management of orchards.

The Chilean Kiwifruit Committee (CKC) estimates volumes of around 195,000-200,000 metric tonnes (MT) compared with last year's 176,400MT.

CKC production committee chairman Matías Kulczewski, said low autumn temperatures, but with no early frosts, and a winter with a good accumulation of cold hours had favored floral bud fertility and differentiation.

The previous season's spring had also been good without significant frosts which encouraged better bee activity during bloom.

Kulczewski added that better management with more severe thinning of orchards had resulted in superior quality.

The only potential problem was a labor shortage evident since mid-November during the cherry and blueberry harvests.

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Photo: CKC

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