Dutch port to become banana gateway

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Dutch port to become banana gateway

The  Netherlands port of Vlissingen, known as Flushing, will be major import entry for bananas from Colombia and Costa Rica handling an additional 100,000 metric tons (MT) bananas a year.

Continental Stevedoring Company (CSC) won a major three-year fruit handling contract and chose Flushing because of its good sailing time and connections to major motorways.

The bananas will come from Colombia and Costa Rica every week in Seatrade reefers from Puerto Limon, Turbo and Santa Marta to Flushing and on the outward voyage calls will be made to St.Maarten and Guadeloupe.

Flushing recently attracted fruit packages from Chile and South Africa, although Rotterdam is still regarded as The Netherland main port for handling fruit.

Photo: Seatrade


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