Pakistan expects to export mangoes to Australia, Lebanon in 2012

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Pakistan expects to export mangoes to Australia, Lebanon in 2012

Pakistan is hoping it can start exporting mangoes to Australia and the Lebanon by the end of the year, website reported.

The country's National Food Security and Research minister Mir Israrullah Khan Zehri, said he is committed to speeding up the compliance process so shipments can start soon.

"Australian experts, who are expected to visit Pakistan in connection with mango imports into Australia, should be facilitated to make possible the export of mangoes to Australia from this year," he was quoted as saying.

A team of Australian experts will visit Pakistan from May 25 to inspect the hot water treatment plants and mango orchards.

Zehri said the proposed Phytosanitary Act 2012, which seeks amendments in the Pakistan Plant Quarantine Act 1976 and the Pakistan Plant Quarantine Rules 1967, should be finalized shortly.

When this happens, he said the country would have procedures in place to cope with different international standards and improve efficiency.

Zehri said the memorandum of understanding between Pakistan and Lebanon was signed in 2011 for the export of mangoes and that shipments should start from the coming season of 2012.

The news is a welcome boost for the industry which has experienced difficulties in the second year of exporting to the U.S., with increases in irridation costs at the Sioux City, Iowa centre.

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