Chilean kiwifruit industry proposes national Psa prevention strategy

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Chilean kiwifruit industry proposes national Psa prevention strategy

After six new positive samples of vine disease Psa were discovered in Chile in January, the country's kiwifruit committee has proposed to strengthen the Agriculture and Livestock Service's (SAG) powers of prevention, monitoring and inspection.

Given the positive samples across five properties in the Maule region, and the havoc the disease has caused in other countries, Chilean Kiwifruit Committee president Carlos Cruzat says a strategy is needed to give SAG all the tools necessary to continue inspections at a national level.

He says the strategy would also need to involve research and development, the distribution of information, training courses for prevention, the establishment of a technology transfer plan and participation in international platforms involving the disease.

The proposal to implement a Psa research and development plan aims to have a better range of answers and solutions for the industry within two to three years.

A committee release said the prevention strategy would need to address both the potential entry and dissemination of the disease on the part of the government, while the private sector would need to focus on resistant or tolerant varieties.

"Prevention plays a fundamental role in this 'country strategy' because it is key for preventing the disease from spreading," said Cruzat.

"Both the public and private have a specific and important role, where neither the state nor private industry can evade their responsibilities.

"While growers should keep up to date with their actions as directed, SAG should act with sufficient resources and appropriate speed."

Photo: SAG

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