Mango peel extracts may combat obesity, Australian study finds

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Mango peel extracts may combat obesity, Australian study finds

Researchers at the University of Queensland in Australia have found the peels of two mango cultivars can inhibit the generation of fat cells, with potential use in nutraceuticals in fighting obesity.

The study 'Mango Fruit Peel and Flesh Extracts Affect Adipogenisis 3T3-L1 Cells' was published in journal Food and Function.

The scientists looked at the impact of parts of different mangoes - Irwin, Nam Doc Mai and Kensington Pride - on 'adipogenesis', which is the generation of fat cells (adipocytes) and fat (adipose) tissue.

The study found mango flesh did not have an impact on adipogenesis, while mango peel had varying effects depending on the cultivar.

"Mango flesh extracts from the three cultivars did not inhibit adipogenesis; peel extracts from both Irwin and Nam Doc Mai however did so with the Nam Doc Mai extract most potent at inhibiting adipogenesis," the study said.

In contrast, Kensington Pride mango peels were found to promote fat cell generation.

"These results suggest that differences in the phytochemical composition between mango cultivars may influence their effectiveness in inhibiting adipogenesis, and points to mango fruit peel as a potential source of nutraceuticals."

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