SA grape producer acquires new Namibia farm

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SA grape producer acquires new Namibia farm

South African table group producer and exporter Grape Alliance has bought a second farm in neighbouring Namibia with aims to expand further in the country.

Agribusiness giant Dutoit International has invested in the enterprise, which will bring the Grape Alliance's annual production in Namibia to 6,750 metric tons (MT) accounting for more than a quarter of the country's 18,000MT yearly volumes.

Grape Alliance marketing director Leon de Kock, said Namibia was attractive because of its early harvest starting in week 45, four weeks ahead of South Africa's start in week 49.

"It's a very good growing area, there's no disease and it's a very early season. We see ourselves expanding more into Namibia."

Grape Alliance bought their second farm in the Aussenkehr region from grape growing pioneer Dusan Vasiljevic increasing its Namibian vineyards to 425 hectares.

The company intends to buy a second packing house next year but for the moment will rent one to service the new farm from Vasiljevic.

It is growing five varieties in Namibia: Early Sweet, Prime, Flame, Sugraone and Thompson.

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