Hurricane Isaac damages 10% of Dominican Republic banana crop

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Hurricane Isaac damages 10% of Dominican Republic banana crop

While the Dominican Republic's government says recent rains have been beneficial for agriculture overall, the winds from Hurricane Isaac have damaged between 5-10% of banana and coconut plantations, website reported.

The country's south was the worst hit, in the areas of Vicente Noble, Tamayo, Barahona, Bahoruco and Mao, according to government officials and local farmers.

Santa Cruz Banana Association president Luis Bonilla, told the newspaper of the 350,000 plots of bananas in the area only 35,000 had been affected.

"There was damage, but it's not so alarming because it wasn't with whole farms, just some farms lost bunches," he was quoted as saying.

San Juan Valley Sustainable Agricultural Growers' Association secretary general José Luís González, told the website there were no significant damages in the San Juan area, but some plants had suffered in Azua and Barahona.

The government has announced it will provide planting material to affected growers in assistance, along with a Black Sigatoka prevention plan in light of the increased moisture that favors the fungus.

Photo: El Dia

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