Brazil seeks to boost raspberry production

Brazil seeks to boost raspberry production

Brazil is seeking to improve the shelf life of raspberries in a bid to improve its 0.5%  global production share of the delicate fruit, website reported.

Luiz de Queiroz Agricultural College researcher Jaqueline Visioni Tezotto, said the country produces just 240 metric tons (MT) of the fruit annually.

"One of the main obstacles for Brazilian production is related to postharvest characteristics that restrict marketing and keep demand higher than supply."

She has studied the postharvest application in a modified atmosphere of plant growth regulator 1-methylcyclopropene (1-MCP) and the before and post harvest use of chitosan in cold storage.

Her results showed a modified atmosphere helped maintain the quality of the fruit even if it didn't always extend the shelf life of the fruit.

"There is no doubt about the need for cold storage in raspberries with 0° C (32°F) the best temperature. A modified atmosphere together with refrigeration extended the period when the raspberries could be marketed with low density polyethylene film being the most suitable.

"We note that the use of chitosan associated with cooling is efficient in maintaining the quality of raspberry, however, only application after harvest extends the trading period."

The study results, which are part of the college's plant science postgraduate program, are expected to help small to medium-sized producers cultivate fruit and gain rapid returns.

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