SA fruit industry launches U.K. ethical promo campaign

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SA fruit industry launches U.K. ethical promo campaign

South Africa's decidious fruit producers hope to boost U.K. consumption in 2013 with a new campaign illustrating the industry's positive contribution to the country's future through job creation and sustainable practices.

The iniative will highlight that the industry employs more than 330,000 people each of whom have an average of four dependants, that fruit is fairly traded and about 99% of produce is shipped rather than air-freighted.

These ethical points will form part of an in-store and outside store promotion as well as stressing the overall taste and quality of South African fruit.

A new strapline, 'South Africa’s Pride' will sit alongside the established 'Beautiful Country, Beautiful Fruit' message.

Hortgro top and stone fruit product manager Jacques du Preez, said now was a good time to tell consumers the crucial role fruit has played in South Africa's development.

"We have been working to empower and create jobs for previously disadvantaged people in South Africa, preparing them for management and ownership of fruit farms.

"It’s a significant and positive process of change for the country and many shoppers don’t yet understand that they are supporting it with every piece of our fruit they buy."

The 'Help a South African School' competition launched this year will run for the second time in 2013. It will encourage U.K. pupils to learn about South African culture, food and farming, while donating English language books to rural schools in the Western Cape.

"We believe the addition of an ethical call to action complements these messages very well – and gives UK shoppers further motivation to seek out South African produce on the shelf."

Hortgro will also produce a short film to convey the industry's ethical and sustainability initiatives, which will support PR and social media campaigns. A public debate will also be held and broadcast tackling the ethics of eating fruit

This will be the fourth consecutive year the industry has promoted stone fruit and top fruit in the U.K. , following a pilot to promote plums in early 2009 with the subsequent addition of peaches, nectarines, apples and pears.

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