International Chilean fruit fair to foster grower-buyer relationships

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International Chilean fruit fair to foster grower-buyer relationships

The Chilean Federation of Fruit Growers (Fedefruta) is expecting a strong turnout at international industry event Fruittrade next week, when buyers from 30 countries will have the chance to meet face-to-face with local growers.

Fedefruta president Cristián Allendes said more than 100 buyers would be attending on Oct. 8-9 with the purpose of building or creating new relationships with at least 150 producers who are expected to attend.

"It's direct rather than through an intermediary, while they can also learn a lot more about the industry here as there won't just be farmers but technicians, academics and there will be discussion of important issues for Chilean export fruit," Allendes told

The list of participants spans six continents with buyers from key Western and Eastern European markets, North America, East and South Asia, the Middle East, the Caribbean and Chile's regional neighbors, as well as one attendee expected from Senegal is the sole African representative.

"According to the event registration, the United States, China, Italy, the Netherlands, Brazil, Taiwan, Peru and Colombia lead the number of international receivers that will take part in Fruittrade this year," Allendes said.

"However, we cannot rule out countries like the United Kingdom, France and Mexico - the quality of Chilean fruit and vegetables is recognized in all parts of the world.

"Last year Chile shipped around 24% of its exports to Latin America, which has been a growing market for the last few years as we’ve been going to Brazil, Colombia and Mexico. There will be a lot of importers from these countries."

He highlights vegetable growers will also be present at the fair along with producers focused on dried fruits.

Allendes added there would be talks about innovation and the use of machinery to improve production and quality.

"We want to improve our competitiveness, people are concerned and they are looking for new ideas.

"We have the technology but what's most important is to be able to use it to the best level, so we need training and to have people willing to make the changes they need."

The event will take place in the Centro Parque convention center in the Santiago suburb of Las Condes, and participants can register via the event website

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