U.S. avocado consumption breaks 1.5 billion pounds

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U.S. avocado consumption breaks 1.5 billion pounds

A record-breaking quantity of Hass avocados were consumed in the United States last year, reaching over 1.5 billion pounds, the Hass Avocado Board reported.avocado_hass_halved_ffp

The year's 34% growth, up from 1.137 billion pounds in 2011, is attributed in large part to successful marketing initiatives.

In the board's most recent 4-week and YTD period ending Nov. 4, New York showed the strongest regional volume growth for avocados at 63%. The number is a drop from the last YTD volume report of 73% growth.

For the 13-week period also ending Nov. 4, avocados showed the greatest overall volume growth for fruits over 75 million pounds with a rate of 43%. Pineapples and berries followed at 28% and 19% growth, respectively.

In 2013, the association anticipates even greater growth nationally for Hass avocados due to increased supply and promotions. The total volume is projected to growth by 10% for the year, reaching 1.65 billion pounds.


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