Chilean avocado industry on track to reaching export estimate

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Chilean avocado industry on track to reaching export estimate

Chilean Hass avocado exports had totaled around 41,000 metric tons (MT) by early November, placing the product on track to reach initial export estimates, according to Hass Avocado Committee president Adolfo Ochagavía.paltas_69588175

"It's difficult to know at this stage in the season exactly how production is going, but looking to what the industry has exported to date, we appear on track for the total crop estimate from the beginning of the season, at around 200,000 (metric) tons," he said.

Of these 200,000MT, an estimated 100,000MT have been slated for export in the 2013-14 season. With 41,531MT exported as of week 44, Chile was on its way to meeting this forecast.

Ochagavía highlighted the important role Europe had played so far in the season.

"If we analyze shipments to date, Europe appears as the main export market and has taken 57% of shipments. The United States has recovered with respect to the previous season and has taken 30%. Last season they received 21% of shipments. Argentina doesn't cease to surprise us, with a 10% share," he said.

"In general, where we compete at this moment is in the North American market, where the main supplier is Mexico. As we all know, the Chilean industry supplies a smaller fraction of demand on this market."

In Europe, however, Chile currently ranks as the main supplier. Ochagavía said Peruvian and South African avocados were not arriving there at the moment. Spain and Israel had reported low volume.

With regard to milestones this season, Ochagavía pointed to the opening of the Brazilian market.

"This year the Brazilian market opened for Chilean avocados. Up to week 44, there had been no fruit exports to this market but we hope to start in the coming weeks," he said.

"It will be interesting to see the reaction of this market being supplied 52 weeks of the year since Chile complements Brazilian Hass production."


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